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And we mean love of ALL kinds.

Whether you are single, dating, partnered, married, divorced, widowed, or otherwise…we all need to feel loved.

Can you imagine what it would be like to feel grounded in a foundation of love and acceptance on a daily basis?

Walking around the world smiling at others, and feeling like you belong…giving and receiving compliments, and believing every word…saying “yes” and “no” in a way that honors you…feeling comfortable in your own skin – and worthy of affection…embracing that warm fuzzy feeling of fullness and content…

Ahhh…that sounds LOVELY, doesn’t it?

Well, at Fearless Living we believe that very often the love your soul is seeking starts best when nurtured from within – and that kind of journey is not for the faint of heart.

Because we also know that when your truest heart is really ready to say “YES YES YES!” to breaking open wider, and going deeper into discovering your most authentic self, it takes a whole lot of courage and vulnerability – plus a willingness to shine light (and love!) into the dark corners, even when the thought of it makes your pulse race.

And that’s where we come in – with an abundance of tools, know-how, warmth, and support. We can hardly wait for you to show up and receive all of it!

In this two-day freedom-based adventure, we’ll meet you where you’re at, and give you an experience of looking at all kinds of love from all kinds of angles.

And yes – *spoiler alert* – that includes the love that you give and receive from yourself…which we suspect you’ll never think about in the same way again.

Facilitated by FLI Director of Community Engagement, Sheri Petersen, and FLI Director of Certifications, Larissa Jaye, Fearless Loving Workshop will take you deep into Fearless Living principles like compassion, seeing innocence, getting clear on your boundaries, and other greatest hits from Rhonda Britten‘s book Fearless Loving – all while building community and having fun too!

No matter what your current relationship status, this workshop is for you.

Isn’t now the time to open your heart wider than ever?

To let the love in…

To let the love out…

If you ask us, this work is exactly what the world needs now.

Feel free to bring someone you love, or to come on your own.

Either way, we hope you’ll be our Valentine for a transformational workshop that’s overflowing with radical self-love and FEARLESS exploration.

We promise that you’ll walk out the door with your heart full.

(And we promise to come through with the chocolates too!)

If this sounds like it could be the kind of magic that you’re craving to start off 2018 strong, then please make a date with yourself, and join us for our annual deep dive into Fearless Loving Workshop (FLW).

This adventure is ready to hug your soul tight and love you up big – and all you have to do is say YES. Are you in?

It’s time to love YOU more.



“A hug for your heart; soul food. Nourishing and delicious! Please GO! You will thank yourself!”

“…the ‘a-ha’s never stopped. This really helped me dig deeper than I ever have before…now I have the most clarity I’ve ever had around my role in the ‘problems’ in my life.”

“Impactful, enlightening, emotional, engaging, insightful. This truly has been one of the most powerful workshops I have been to.”

“Attend. It will change your life in more ways than you can imagine.”

“Go in with an open mind and heart! It was a powerful experience and you may, like me, be surprised by what you learn.”

“This was motivational and uplifting and truly helped me to look within before I can move forward.”

“Words cannot describe how amazing and powerful this was.”

“Don’t think, just go – no question.”

“Very eye-opening. Forces you to open your mind. You will relate to yourself first, then to others. One weekend is like one semester in college of working on yourself – and seeing results.”

“Going deeper, taking risks, and experiencing love in the room was awesome. And the life-changing shifts… I am a different person, more clear on my passion and purpose.”

“Loving, welcoming, supportive. A place to find you! You have all to gain!”

“Priceless! Worth 100x more than what I paid.”


“A small investment with an immediate large payoff to help you move through life. This will have a huge positive impact on how you view life and how you live your life.”

“Enlightening and powerful.”


Fearless Loving Workshop (FLW) is for YOU if you resonate with any of the following:

  • You want to experience more healthy love in your life – whether you are currently single or in an intimate relationship – even if it makes you squirm a little (or a lot!) to even admit it
  • You see a benefit to getting more in touch with your feelings, no matter how uncomfortable that sounds right now
  • You are working on moving through a heartbreak on any level
  • You are working on having more compassion and acceptance for yourself
  • You want to approach new things with an open mind and an open heart…and maybe sometimes that’s not so easy to do
  • You see value in sharing your process with a group in person, even if it scares you to do it
  • You love learning more about all sides of yourself
  • You like having insights and seeing the world in different ways
  • You want to make powerful positive changes in your life, though you often find yourself stuck in patterns, or feeling like your work isn’t moving you forward fast enough
  • You thrive around like-minded others
  • You are a present or future helping professional (Life Coach, Therapist, Counselor, Teacher, Nurse, Parent, etc.) who could only benefit from expanding your own file of experiences – as well as your toolbox
  • You are interested in either starting or going deeper into your work with Fearless Living
  • You feel a pull towards joining us, even if you’re not yet sure why

If any of the above sounds familiar, then FLW is for YOU! Whether this will be your first workshop ever, or whether you’re a workshop regular, Fearless Loving is appropriate for YOU. No matter what your relationship status or preference, you are welcome to join us – either on your own, or with someone you love (and want to love more). Yes, we’d LOVE to see you there – please scroll down to register!


Fearless Loving Workshop (FLW) is NOT for you if you resonate with any of the following:

  • You’ve already got all the love that you need – both for yourself and for others
  • Your most important relationships are free of people-pleasing, worry, and judgment
  • You don’t have any challenges in your life that you’d like to move through with more grace and ease
  • You’re not interested in building your confidence
  • You don’t think your own growth is worth investing in
  • You don’t see value in connecting with others, or in expanding your support system
  • You’re pretty sure you know everything you need to know about yourself already
  • You’re not so into insights, adventures, or fun

If any of this describes you, then you probably won’t enjoy FLW – though we’ll be here if and when things shift for you, and we’ll be holding that energetic space open on your behalf.

(By the way, if you’re willing to be wrong about any of the fear-based beliefs above, FLW might actually be a great move for you after all – especially since it centers on shifting your mindset through things like love and compassion. If you’re curious, please send us an email and we can set up some time to chat about the possibilities.)


DATES: February 9-10, 2018
day 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-6pm
Minneapolis, MN
Sheri Petersen and Larissa Jaye

PLEASE NOTE: Your workshop registration does not include meals, lodging, or transportation. Breaks will be given for meals on your own with other participants, and several dining options are within walking distance. This workshop is being held at an area hotel; MSP is the closest airport to the workshop. You will receive exact location details upon registration, or as soon as they become available.

FAQ: We are sometimes asked why we hold our workshops on Friday and Saturday, versus on Saturday and Sunday. Please know that this is a deliberate choice on our part to best support you with post-workshop re-entry into your regular routine. We ask you to trust us on this for now…and WE trust that you’ll be glad to have Sunday for some extra TLC downtime when that time comes.

*Special Offer – NOW through January 15th*
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Please feel free to contact us via email.
We would be happy to support you with more information.



Sheri Petersen
Master CFLC, Mentor CFLC, CFT
Certified Fearless Living Coach
Certified Fearless Trainer
FLI Director of Community Engagement


instaLJ - no borderLarissa Jaye
Master CFLC, Mentor CFLC, CFT
Certified Fearless Living Coach
Certified Fearless Trainer
FLI Director of Certifications